about me

hey there, my name is natalie cross.....and thanks so much for finding me!  i've been married for 18 years to my fabulous husband and partner in all home projects and diy's, ryan.  i know he loves me or he wouldn't put up with all this!  for his sake i try to accomplish as many "projects" as i can, during the NFL off-season!

i'm a mom to 3 and it'd be fair to say that, that would keep me busy enough!  a 15 yr old, 13 yr old, and a 6 yr old.

my lil family.....a couple years ago!

i'm also a wedding and lifestyle photographer. i've been fortunate enough to stay as busy as i needed for the past 8 years.  but this past year, with a recession hitting calgary, things have really slowed down for me on the business end of things.  i've loved having a slower pace and having more time for my house, my kids, my friends, my everyday.  of course, financially you start to worry a bit! but hopefully we can just keep surviving this little storm!  silver lining:  more time to blog again! 

so why the need to blog you ask?!
well, let me tell you....ever since i was a little kid, i LOVED decorating.  i started moving furniture around in my bedroom when i was about 11, painting my room different colors and using crazy painting techniques (sponging and ragging....yuck!) when i was about 15 and dreaming about one day having my own space in the world to create my little life.  i also loved anything else creative.  from clothing, to baking, to painting/drawing, to party planning.  

my partner in all home reno's!

so i decided to devote a little space to share ideas that have inspired my own home and also share my own projects, diy's, and home progress.  and in addition to that, share a little bit of my life, my family, my everyday with you.  b/c truthfully, i can't come up with some epic diy daily!

i don't want to come across like i think i'm some big expert on anything either!  honestly blogging was a fun hobby for me for about a year back in 2011 and i was fortunate enough to make some very cool connections in this world.  i was featured on several blogs, became a guest blogger for Style at Home and was flown to new york to be on the Nate Berkus show that was on at the time! 

Blogging became too much for me to balance with life, my photography business, kids, and just stuff in general, so i took a big break.  thought of deleting my blog, but some little voice kept saying, just keep it....one day you might start up again! so i'm back now and going to give it another go!

love this thought above!


theme:  yes, i love beach homes!  i feel i should be living somewhere where i fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing and wake up to the smell of the salty sea air!  awwww.....  one can dream!  but, no i live in canada.  no where near a beach.  calgary, alberta to be exact.  not even a nice lake around me.  so i decided to try and create the "feel" in 1990 suburban home.  although i love beach homes, the theme, really isn't a theme at all.  it's a feel.  a cool, breezy, casual, feel.  i'm not hanging anchors and oars on the walls.  i don't decorate with miniature lighthouses.  it's more calming colors and textures that would be found in a real beach environment palette.  blues, whites, sands, greys, soft greens....etc.  so it's my take on a comfortable, relaxed, family friendly home, that could be on a beach, but isn't!

so please follow along on my journey!